Meat the Martinelli's


Martinelli Meats is a family-owned, first responder owned and operated meat wholesaler that specializes in serving first responder families as well as the everyday communities in Illinois. We started our company in March of 2020 and started serving local police and fire departments in Illinois. Our family owns a USDA facility located in Chicago (Fulton Market) and our butchers cut our orders fresh the day before delivery. We strive to provide high quality cuts of meat and service to our customers. Our products surpass anything you will find in a grocery store and prices that are cheaper than your local butcher shop. We promise excellent customer service to insure your satisfaction. Thursdays are the only delivery dates we offer. We do not have a physical store that you can shop in, as we are wholesale and not open to the public. We also deliver to restaurants in the Chicagoland area, banquet halls and golf courses. 

Our product boxes are approximately 10 inches wide and 17 inches in length. Our items are vacuum sealed by the pound or individually. We deliver twice a month on Thursdays, the delivery date can be found on our main page. Our butchers cut and seal our products 1-2 days prior to delivery, so everything is very fresh. The only items we sell frozen is bacon, baby back ribs, lamb and duck and our breaded chicken nuggets.

What makes us different is we do not take payment over the internet and we don't accept payments until the day you receive your products. We never ship items and hand deliver them to your home so that they stay fresh! All photos of our products are pictures we took and are not "stock" pictures from the internet like most online meat companies.

Most "fresh" meat sits for several days in supermarkets with expiration dates that don't last long. When you place your order with us, products are cut the day of delivery and packaged in a vacuum-sealed, airtight, transparent wrap to protect against freezer burn, dehydration and discoloration. Products are also sealed for freshness and will stay good in your freezer for months!

All products are USDA inspected, hand selected and cut by our experienced butchers. If you need a special cut or item that is not listed, please email us with any questions. We also offer gift boxes that are great for sampling different products and are perfect for a birthday gift or other special events!